“From Palais to the Berghain - There’s probably nothing better that could describe Berlin than that.” – Ourania Marmara

Berlin has a certain vibe. There are so many creative people around that it becomes a melting pot for art & fashion. Here, you’ve got to go against the usual tide-- Take fashion week for example: why choose one mainstream location to display all the collections if you also have the chance to display them across underground destinations in the city?

It’s no coincidence that one of the highlights during Fashion Week was a group exhibition featuring a series of German designers including MCM as part of “Der Berliner Salon”, held at the Kronprinzen Palais. The last show took place in another iconic hotspot: the Berghain, one of Berlin’s most notorious nightclubs

Fashion Editor & Stylist Ourania Marmara had a chat with Blogger, Lisa Hahnbück who took us on a short trip through Germany’s capital and speaks about Berlin Fashion Week, style and more.

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about Berlin?

Craziness, urban life, international vibes, diversity, good people and good food!!

It’s always a good time - I love being in Berlin. I have some friends here so when I fly in for 2-3 days, I totally go with the flow and let them organize and plan everything...

During Fashion Week, which was the trend/ fashion show/ art piece/ person that most inspired you?

My favourite parts of Fashion Week were the “Der Berliner Salon” exhibition as well as the “Vogue Salon”, both of which focussed on German brands. Many designers featured a return to fitted clothes, highlighting the waist with belts, belt bags and such. The checker print is also becoming very trendy this season. Other design updates included extreme mixes in print and unusual combinations of material.

I tend to become quite inspired during these shows; whether it’s a model walking the runway with a badass attitude or just the people around you, it’s the overall vibe.

There were also several art installations and fashion presentations this season. It seemed that the designers were seeking new opportunities to immerse guests into their worlds, collections & inspirations. Visitors had the chance to communicate directly with designers, creating an individual experience that brings guests closer to brands. This was quite unique during this year’s Berlin Fashion Week - everything felt quite intimate, small, clear and catchable.

You were wearing one of the six bags from the MCM x König Souvenir Edition. The theme of the collection is travel & creating experiences -- How are you recording your experiences? Do you have a fashion diary?

To be honest, I don’t own a proper journal - my Instagram account and my blog are my fashion diaries!! They’re my go-to for all my pictures and posts (and I know exactly where stuff is).

It’s also quite interesting to compare your own outfits with today’s trends – this year I was so excited to wear the Special Edition MCM x KS collection during Fashion Week, and I definitely received a lot of attention and a tonne of compliments.

You’re always on-the-go and travelling quite a bit. So, Light or heavy luggage? Are you that girl with one big bag or one to three mini to medium sized bags?

Usually I carry a huge suitcase with a hand-carry trolley, which generally works for me. During Fashion Week however, I hauled two large suitcases (as well as my hand trolley), where I kept the prized pieces. I always opt for efficiency and only go for the essentials.

How would you describe fashion style in Berlin?

I wouldn’t say there’s one specific style. People are super individual with how they wear their clothes:  there are no rules. In Berlin, it’s all about being yourself.

Is there a special memory in Berlin that you would like to share with us?

I have a lot of great memories - I usually just go with the flow and enjoy being around my friends. That’s always the best thing, just having fun, good conversations and enjoying life - no need to worry about tomorrow.